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CReg MT650 is a modern Time Recording and Task management terminal designed for use with QL Time and QL Task. Employees can track time directly on the task, giving exact time usage and cost on a task or job.Employees can also choose tasks from a task/job pool. When the job is done, it can be marked as finished on the terminal. The system is always in sync with other terminals, including our CregWeb web-app for iPhone / Android. Our messaging system gives employees both individual and department messages, and the employee can see other information as Work Schedule, time usage, who is present and more. Creg MT650 has memory card slots (SD and CF), touch-screen, and LAN connection (WLAN is optional). It comes in several versions: bar-code, mag-stripe or proximity. Click here for more technical info
CReg MT650 Terminal with bar-codeBuy
CReg MT650 Terminal with mag-stripeBuy
CReg MT650 Terminal with proximityBuy
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Creg MT650

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