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Android based terminal with a fingerprint reader is a secure solution for registering employees work time. It is extremely easy to clock in and clock out. Fingerprint reader verifies the employee and securely sends the information directly to the database in a real time. Biometric data capture eliminates time theft, avoids buddy punching. It prevents the situations when employees register work time for colleagues. Personal privacy is protected as biometric data is not stored on the system. Fingerprint is recorded on the personal proximity card, belonging to a specific employee. The terminal reads the data from the card and verifies it with a scanned fingerprint. Employee ID and time is sent to the database for the calculations. Verification process is very quick. Creg Android biometric terminal has 7.0 inch capactive touch screen for intuitive comfortable user expeience. It integrates IP-based connectivity and WiFi, GPRS, 3G for easy synchronization at any time. 2.0M pixel Digital Camera can take a picture of eployee for a verification if a personal proximity card was lost or a fingerprint cannot be readed.