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Centralized time management

All information is located and stored in one Azure database (can be set up locally as well). It can be accessed from any PC that has internet connection and installed QL Time software. Register your work agreement schedules and QL Time delivers automatically plans for any given time period. The plan gives you the total cost for the planned hour day by day and compares your plan to the budget cost and turnover. All aspects such as overtime, inconvenient hours, insurance etc. are taken care of.  

Collect data. Clock in/out online, SMS or using terminals

Actual work hours are collected from terminals that are in working place, user can send SMS or clock in via web service. Just type cregweb.com in any web browser, enter personal number and clocking time is sent to the database.  

Respect privacy

Using QL Admin set the rights for users. Only selected people can access database.  

Individual layout

User can arrange QL Time window by personal needs. Settings are not applied for all users. Each user in the database has unique layout.


Skill based planning

Create work schedules based on required skills. Software informs administrator if the plan is not correct or is opposed to work agreement. Helps to create the most optimal schedule to save work costs.  

Graphical planning

Get virtual group, department or company work schedule as a graphic. It is very convenient way to analyse current situation, identify problems in schedule and solve it.  

Country law

QL Time calculates salary according to country law. Each country has different taxes and payment rules. User selects the rules and software makes all the calculations, provides final result.  

Multi departments

QL Time provides an opportunity to add as many departments or companies as necessary. Calculations are provided for each unit separately or together.  

Set Alarms

Set alarms to remind important things, related to employees. It can be annual medical examination, payday or anything you can imagine.  

Calculation rules

Administrator has rights to set all calculation and software rules.  

Extra payment

Administrator can set extra payment rules.  


QL Time automatically detects overtime. Takes into consideration work agreement and country rules to calculate salary.  

Inconvenient time

Some countries have inconvenient time rules that describe different payment formula. QL Time detects inconvenient time and calculates working hours, payment, aligned to inconvenient time.  

Night Shift function. Cost move

Sometimes employee works after midnight. For most software it is a big problem. QL Time automatically splits worked hours and salary in to 2 days. Move costs to the first or the second day of night shift.  

Flexible time rules

Set schedule flexibility. Set the time frame when employee can start and finish working, lunch break.  

Break plan

Plan breaks in employee schedule.  

Vacation plan

Plan employee vacations.  

Time bank

Ability to use time bank feature. Set agreed hours to work. Employee chooses own schedule.


Salary period


Trend analysis

A good plan based on facts is the key to good results. Based on historical data or budget data (down to an hourly level), the cost analyzer gives you useful advice on how to staff the week or locate possible problems in your existing work schedule. QL Time will give you advices based on the moving average of previous week’s sale compared to your budget to get enhanced advice on possible staffing problems.  

Event reasons with different pay plans

QL Time offers a huge list of events that has different affects to salary. E.g. it can be sick leave or anything else. This list can be extended by administrator.  

Shortcut keys

Shortcut keys help to save time. Initiate any action using simple key combinations.  


Search for any information. Different search possibilities: exact phrase, broad match and etc.  

Backup options

Set automatic database backups to make sure that the data will not be lost in case of any accident.  

Language neutral

QL Time has 5 integrated languages: English, Norwegian, Swedish, Russian and Lithuanian.  

Location neutral

Time management solution is ready to use in any location. Very easy and convenient to use in international companies who have offices in different locations. Run your reports in the currency you prefer. This functionality lets users in other countries convert currency on the fly and get all reports in the same currency, including budgets. Time can also be converted to local time to compare who works at the same time.


Access information from any terminal

Employee can view schedule, registration time, own time bank information, to know who is clocked in and similar.  

Send messages to any terminal

Send messages to one or several employees, department, company or selected terminals. These messages are displayed for selected people.


Create virtual groups

User can create hierarchical structures and unlimited virtual groups.  

Employees’ profile

Store all information related to employees: personal and contact details, work agreement, agreed work schedule and other.


Customizable reports

Get individual reports that meet your needs. Choose information that is important for you.  

Export to different payroll systems

QL Time provides salary calculations based on actually worked hours, overtime, inconvenient time, taxes and other influencing factors.  

Export to different formats

Choose the format to export data.


Integration with QL Task – task management software

QL Time shares the same database as QL Task. QL Time data is available to use in QL Task – task management software. E.g. Calculate actual time and cost spent on task Assigned person manually clocks in before starting to work on task and clocks out when finishes working on task, software automatically calculates how much time was spent on task. Clocking can be done using QL Task software, by mobile phone App, SMS, physical terminal or online.


No initial payment

Try QL Time for free without any payment details for 30 days.  

Free updates

All customers constantly get software updates for free.  


Quantumleap offers live and web based support.

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