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Centralized task management

All company tasks are located in one Azure database (can be set up locally as well). It can be accessed using PC or mobile phone anywhere, anytime and by anyone.

Respect privacy

Choose the people who should have access to each task. Share tasks with limited number of people.

Individual layout

User can adapt QL Task window to personal needs, dock modules anywhere, change colours and other settings. Settings are applied for each user individualy. Each user, who uses the same database, has unique layout.


Share documents

Attach documents to the task. Download it on demand to any device.

Send task by SMS

Task information can be sent to any phone number.

Create task by sending an Email

Send ordinary email to QL Task. The task is created automatically as soon as the email is received by the databese.

Send task to any email address

Task information can be sent by email to unlimited number of recipients.

Collaborate in real time by adding notes to any task

Users can add notes to each task. Notes can also be added by sending email.


Create virtual groups

User can create hierarchical structures and unlimited virtual groups.

Look for people to assign by skills

Choose skills, required for the task. QL Task software will filter the list of people who have required skills. Select prefered person and assign the tasks to him or her.


Create repetitive task

Create task that should be repeated in specific dates or periods. You will not have to create new tasks each time.

Create templates for tasks

Create task template and use this template for new tasks

Categorize tasks

Choose the category for each task. Move task to specific folders to make navigation easier and save your time.

Prioritize tasks

Select priority level for each task. Priority levels vary from 1 to 5.

Filter tasks

Filter by Creator, Owner or Assigned person. View only tasks that are important for you.

Sort tasks

Sort tasks by one or few criteria.

Search for task by any preferred criteria

Do not get lost and find tasks using any criteria or phrase.

Integrated calendar

Calendar helps to keep organized. Reminds schedule, anniversaries, important dates.

Ability to use QL Task as CRM software

Huge functionality lets use QL Task as Customers Relations Management software. The main function is task management but it has no borders. Use it as creative as you wish or need.

Add contact information to your task

Add as much contact information of persons who are related to the task as needed. Contact information can be added from the database or outside database.

Create parent view

Group tasks by creating parent tasks. Higher level task becomes dependent on inner tasks.

Project view

View tasks in project view. QL Task offers interactive Gantt charts. Charts can be edited in graphical way. It immediately affects task information and details.

Spell checker

QL Task has integrated spell checker. It can be turned on or off by user settings.

Language neutral

At the moment QL Task has 5 integrated languages: English, Norwegian, Swedish, Russian and Lithuanian.

Location neutral

Task management solution is ready to use in any location. Very easy and convenient to use in international companies who have offices in different locations. It becomes the easiest way to keep the tasks done in a right way, keep control, understanding and collaboration.  


Know what everyone is working on

View and print any employee activities report for specific period.

Print reports

Print full or filtered, customized list of tasks.


Real progress data

View real progress on task, not wishes or expectations. Assigned person evaluates progress (how much work is finished) by himself or herself.

Calculate actual time and cost spent on task

Assigned person manually clocks in before starting to work on task and clocks out when finishes working on task, software automatically calculates how much time was spent on task. Clocking can be done using QL Task software, by mobile phone App, SMS, physical terminal or online.


No initial payment

Try QL Task for free without any payment details for 30 days.

Free updates

All customers constantly get software updates for free.


Quantumleap offers live and web based support.

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